Press Releases


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12/3/2008 Carnegie transfers property operations
11/28/2008 Carnegie number 1 in Prospera ranking
11/25/2008 Changes to the management team
11/10/2008 Press conference Carnegie
11/10/2008 Trading in the Carnegie share
11/10/2008 Carnegie has new owners – operations can continue - clients’ assets are safe
11/10/2008 Carnegie introduces strong action program
11/3/2008 Carnegie responds to the Financial Supervisory Authority’s request for a statement
10/29/2008 New member of Carnegie’s nomination committee appointed
10/28/2008 The Swedish Central Bank has granted Carnegie an expanded credit facility of maximum of SEK 5 billion
10/27/2008 Message from the Board of Directors in D. Carnegie & Co
10/27/2008 The Swedish FSA reviews
10/27/2008 Carnegie Investment Bank AB granted SEK 1 billion liquidity bridge loan from the Swedish Central Bank
10/27/2008 Change in the Board of Directors of D. Carnegie & Co AB and
10/24/2008 Interim Report January-September 2008
10/15/2008 Interim Report for Q3 will be released on 24 October
10/10/2008 Carnegie Bank A/S to join the Danish guarantee fund
10/6/2008 Information about Carnegie’s exposure towards Icelandic assets
10/2/2008 Carnegie's Nomination Committee appointed
9/30/2008 Information regarding action programme at Carnegie
9/29/2008 Changes in Carnegie’s Group Management
7/18/2008 Interim report January-June 2008
6/30/2008 Anders Karlsson new Chief Risk Officer of Carnegie
6/23/2008 Interim Report for Q2 will be released on 18 July
6/13/2008 Carnegie established new organization
6/10/2008 Carnegie tops Financial Hearings’ ranking
5/26/2008 Information regarding legal proceedings
4/25/2008 Interim Report January-March 2008
4/15/2008 Management changes within Carnegie
4/14/2008 Interim report for Q1 will be released on 25 April
4/7/2008 Carnegie’s Annual General Meeting 2008
4/1/2008 Kristina Schauman new CFO of Carnegie
3/20/2008 Information regarding the auditor’s report for the subsidiary
3/14/2008 Change in Nomination Committee’s Board proposal
3/7/2008 Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Carnegie
3/6/2008 The Nomination Committee´s proposal for the Carnegie Board of Directors
2/7/2008 Year-end report January – December 2007
1/30/2008 Carnegie recognized as Fund Manager of the Year
1/28/2008 New Nomination Committee appointed in Carnegie
1/23/2008 Reporting days 2008 and invitation to press conference/web cast
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