Banking Services

Our objective is to give our clients the best possible service and return on their investments. Banque Carnegie Luxembourg possesses solid expertise on the financial markets and offers a wide range of services and products. We can assist you in trading equities, interest-bearing securities, currencies and derivatives on most of the world's financial markets, but our specialist competence exists within the Nordic markets. We offer both the Carnegie Group's and others funds. The bank has a number of investment products in which only our clients may invest. Several specialist products are also available to our clients.

Private Banking’s offering is backed by a well-organised team of staff members with extensive expertise in many different areas. To provide you with the best possible service and guidance, we must fully understand and carefully analyze your needs. Each day, we meet clients with different needs, and our job is to find individual solutions. We carefully review your financial situation, as well as your family circumstances, to create a plan for the future that is as closely matched to your particular requirements as possible. Although we focus on wealth management, many clients require in-depth knowledge in other areas to achieve the best results. Private Banking offers you a comprehensive solution and a team that includes experts in legal and insurance matters, as well as trust management.

We are also able to offer you the unique opportunity to have your assets managed in other jurisdictions while retaining advisory services in Sweden. Carnegie Private Banking has operations in Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg.
Carnegie is one of very few investment banks in the Nordic countries that is completely independent in relation to banks, business spheres and other party interests. Our independence provides advantages that are difficult to quantify but highly evident for the client. We are always able to focus on the best solution for your needs.

Carnegie Private Banking has a broad range of services intended to satisfy our clients’ requirements on wealth management and other capital investments. Our offering ranges from low risk management to active stock brokerage. Across this range, we offer everything from broad global discretionary allocation portfolios with relatively low risk to model portfolios focused on both the Swedish and the Nordic stock markets. For those interested, there are also special products focused on commodities, private equity, currencies, corporate bonds, etc. In addition, we offer a number of trade-focused products, such as trade proposals for stocks and ETFs, as well as analysis products that range from daily analyses to weekly or monthly updates according to client preferences.

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