Financial planning

The clients of Banque Carnegie Luxemboug live in over 20 countries. Most clients have assets in several countries and move between them during their life-time. Our offering of international financial planning services is therefore based on long practical experience.

Through our network of professional partners we help you finding solutions in the following areas:

Tax, mainly:

  • Income from capital (Interest, dividends, capital gains)
  • Gifts and inheritance
  • Pensions
  • Real estate

Holding structures (companies, life insurance, trusts, foundations,  single investor funds)

  • Proposing adequate structures
  • Selection of providers
  • Active evaluation of existing structures

Change of residence

  • Tax consequences
  • Family law matters
  • Finding residence
  • Proposing advisors (lawyers, real estate agents, etc)

Other issues, legal and financial e.g.

  • Inheritance planning
  • Assisting in transactions on closely held companies or real estate.

 What we offer:

  • An analysis of your questions and their practical implications.
  • A general overview of possible solutions.
  • Evaluation and implementation of solutions

Working together with a wide network of experts, we make sure that our clients get high quality solutions to the most complex, international questions. 

Please contact your Client Executive for more information.

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