Discretionary Asset Management

If your focus is on your business, your career or simply on enjoying your retirement while knowing that your portfolio is monitored and managed, our discretionary asset management service is designed for that purpose.  

Before we start the relationship, we sit down and discuss your risk profile, investment preferences, and personal financial needs. With this knowledge, we construct a portfolio which is lined up with your expectations and preferences. You will receive a detailed statement for all transactions in your account, as well as a quarterly summary of the investment results and outlook. In addition, you are always welcome to discuss your portfolio with our asset management team.

In the discretionary management team, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg combines the investment knowledge and expertise held in house, with the best investment opportunities from the best asset managers globally. We are fully dedicated to an open architecture.  

In discretionary asset management you define and we decide.  
Welcome to Banque Carnegie Luxembourg!

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