a truly personalized experience

Private Banking

With 13 client executives serving 1.000 private individuals, we offer a truly personalized private banking experience.  

As a small bank, we have short and efficient decision processes.

Our interests are fully aligned with our clients. All client orders are directly executed in the markets, always seeking the best possible execution. We have no proprietary trading operation, so as a client, you are not exposed to hidden fees or in-house trading.  

We offer you trading in all asset classes, in all markets through one dealing desk.

We offer full flexibility in the management of your portfolio. If you wish to decide yourself on the day-to-day management, we offer you our portfolio advisory service, giving you access to investment products worldwide, based on your personal preference. Alternatively, you can leave the management of your portfolio to our asset management specialists. They will, based on risk and return parameters decided by you, manage and monitor your portfolio.  

Apart from our portfolio management services, Banque Carnegie Luxembourg offers a full range of banking products and services.  

We look forward to working with you!

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